Porcelain Dripper


The Ratio Dripper is a conical porcelain dripper designed to complement the Ratio Thermal Carafe or to use as a stand-alone pour over cone. The sturdy, thick ceramic walls mean the brewer is excellent for maintaining temperature stability. The outside of the dripper features a matte white finish, while the inside has a high gloss finish to prevent coffee stains.

The base design makes it easy to use the dripper with either the Ratio Thermal Carafe for brewing larger batches, or on a mug for single-cup brewing.

Ratio Thermal Carafe sold separately.


  • Conical porcelain dripper
  • Ratio Thermal Carafe sold separately
  • Works with Chemex filters or the Ratio Kone

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    Kinto SCS-S02 Coffee Server

    Kinto's "Slow Coffee Style" specialty line is inspired by the passion of craftsmen to bring you coffee ware that enriches the ritual of savoring each cup of coffee. The dedication and eye for detail are apparent in this elegant coffee server. Designed to be placed underneath a pour over stand or for a dripper to go directly on top. Made of heat-resistant glass, this server holds 20.3 ounces and is both microwave and dishwasher safe. 

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  • Product description
    Ratio Kone by Able

    A custom-made reusable metal filter for the Ratio Eight. Ratio teamed up with Able Brewing to create this metal conical filter specifically for the Ratio Eight Coffee Machine.

    The Kone's unique design and photochemically etched holes allow the water to flow freely through the entire filter, not just out of the end. For the Ratio Eight version, the Able team added more holes to accommodate the higher brew volumes of up to 40 ounces. The holes are round on one side and square on the other - a rare design feature that helps to eliminate potential clogging.

    Made of laser-welded stainless steel in the US, the Kone allows just the right amount of oils and sediment to pass through, giving the coffee a rich flavor that is still clean, aromatic, and delightful. The mouth feel will be slightly fuller than a Chemex filter but cleaner than a typical stainless steel filter.

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    Baratza Virtuoso Coffee Grinder

    Baratza’s well-regarded burr grinder that has earned a reputation for simplicity and durability. With a choice of 40 distinct grind settings, you can produce the ideal coffee particle size for your coffee maker - from french press to a fine drip or Aeropress. And all at the lower RPM settings needed to avoid heating the grind. The Virtuoso is built ruggedly, yet with those classic Italian lines - making it a great addition to your kitchen.

    Solidly stable, the Baratza Virtuoso is relatively quiet in part due to the lower motor speed, operating at a third of the RPM of many other competitors. This motor efficiency allows your beans to remain cool while also reducing noise and static buildup. Grind settings can be quickly chosen and will remain stable, day after day. This is the device for the serious coffee drinker who seeks the commercial quality grinding performance of conical burrs.

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    Acaia Pearl Scale

    The Acaia Pearl is the coffee geek’s dream scale, with a minimalist design, built-in timer, and associated app to track recipes...it’s hard to do better. This scale is designed from the ground up to offer all the functionality a pour-over-obsessed coffee geek could ever want in an easy to use, minimalist design. Its built-in timer and bright digital display (showing both time and weight) make it easy to ensure a proper pour rate. When you combine that with their brilliant mobile app, which connects via bluetooth, you're able to track your times and graph your pour. Save your best recipes and the app will help you duplicate them for consistent pour overs every time.

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