Kone by Able


A custom-made reusable metal filter for the Ratio Eight. Ratio teamed up with Able Brewing to create this metal conical filter specifically for the Ratio Eight Coffee Machine.

The Kone's unique design and photochemically etched holes allow the water to flow freely through the entire filter, not just out of the end. For the Ratio Eight version, the Able team added more holes to accommodate the higher brew volumes of up to 40 ounces. The holes are round on one side and square on the other - a rare design feature that helps to eliminate potential clogging.

Made of laser-welded stainless steel in the US, the Kone allows just the right amount of oils and sediment to pass through, giving the coffee a rich flavor that is still clean, aromatic, and delightful. The mouth feel will be slightly fuller than a Chemex filter but cleaner than a typical stainless steel filter.


  • Reusable stainless steel filter
  • Custom made for the Ratio Eight coffee maker
  • Accommodates higher brew volumes up to 40 oz
  • Round holes on one side, square on the other