V60 Coffee Server :: Olive Wood


Step up your game with this beautiful Hario glass server featuring an elegant, olive wood handle and lid. Olive trees have beautiful wood grain. A craftsman carefully makes each one by hand. Color and wood grain will naturally vary.

All of Hario's servers fit a V60 dripper perfectly and they look great together. Premium quality and attention to detail are what make this server stand out, and a 600ml max capacity means that it'll serve you and a friend or two.

HARIO means “The King of Glass” and they have been manufacturing heatproof glassware since 1921. Enough said.


  • Heat resistant glass server
  • Olive wood handle and lid
  • Compatible with all Hario V60 pour overs
  • Care: wipe clean with a damp cloth (not dishwasher safe)


  • Height: 4.8"
  • Width: 7.2"
  • Depth: 5"
  • Weight: .9 pounds
  • Capacity: 600 mL


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    Hario V60 Glass Coffee Dripper

    The V60 coffee dripper is by far the most famous invention to come from Hario, and for good reason. The name comes from the unique 60-degree angle of the cone -- Vector 60. This V-shaped cone has a unique spiral design which expands the amount of time the water is in contact with the coffee. This allows for maximum extraction during the pour-over. The spiral ribs also create an air gap between the filter and the wall of the cone, making room for the coffee to expand and extract more evenly. The end result is great tasting coffee.

    This classic glass version of the Hario V60 is perfect for pour over stations. This dripper has great heat retention properties and is made of heatproof glass that has been manufactured with only natural components. You can even control the taste by how slowly or quickly you pour -- the slower you pour, the darker the brew. The 02 size featured here is built to brew 1-4 cups. 

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  • Product description
    Hario V60 Drip Scale

    Making the perfect pour over is now made easier with the Hario V60 Drip Scale. This compact scale simultaneously measures weight and extraction time for the perfect pour-over brew. The scale has a 2kg (2000g) maximum capacity and automatically shuts off when not in use.

    The scale measures in 0.1 gram increments which make your coffee more consistent than ever before. Not only that, the scale includes a timer to help you perfect that pour. This scale is highly recommended for any V60 setup, also indispensable for cloth dripper and proper tea and coffee brewing.

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  • Product description
    Hario Buono V60 Pour Over Kettle

    For pour over method enthusiasts, precision is a must. The long narrow spout of the Buono kettle enables you to direct the hot water exactly where you want it. Not to mention the unique design. The flat bottom makes it perfect for stove-top or induction heat use.  Polished stainless steel finish with a 1200mL capacity.

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