The french press is one of the most ubiquitous coffee makers available and produces a uniquely rich, full-bodied cup of coffee. It is also extremely user-friendly and very forgiving. We like the Hario Double Wall Glass Coffee Press because of its ability to retain heat and keep grit out of your cup. Hario pays great attention to detail with their filters. Made of fine steel mesh with a tight seal, this ensures little to no coffee grounds get into your coffee, unlike some other French press pots. Plus, it’s gorgeous.

What you'll need:

Step 1

Rinse your press with some hot water to pre-heat the cold glass. Give it a few swirls and then toss the water.

Step 2

Measure out 30 grams of whole beans and grind them to a coarse grind, similar to sea salt.

Step 3

Place the press on the scale, tare to zero and pour in the grounds.

Step 4

Now we’ll add water. Fill the press about halfway ensuring that the grounds are evenly saturated, starting your timer as you begin pouring. We’ll let this sit for one minute to allow the coffee to bloom.

Step 5

At one minute, use your spoon to stir things up. Be gentle, using just a few stirs to break the crust of grounds on top. This helps ensure an even extraction.

Step 6

Now you can top off the french press with the rest of the hot water and place the lid on top to retain the heat.

Step 7

At 4 minutes we’re ready to take the plunge! Move the press off of the scale and firmly press the filter all the way down. You should feel a small amount of resistance while pressing.

Step 8

Serve immediately and enjoy! Leaving the coffee in the french press will result in over-extraction, so be sure to set your delicious brew free.