Whether you’re looking for a rich, espresso-like cup, a clean immersion brew, or even flash brewed iced coffee the AeroPress does it all. It’s compact and virtually unbreakable so it’s an ideal travel companion, but is just as much fun at home. There are countless recipes for this thing but the inverted recipe below is our go-to here at Filter. The inverted method yields super consistent results and is the favorite of many AeroPress champions around the world! Yes, there are Aeropress championships, and this will be your training montage.

What you'll need:

  • AeroPress
  • Filter
  • Grinder
  • 17g, or one heaping Aeropress scoop, of coffee (the good kind)
  • Water just off boil (ideally around 200°F)
  • AeroPress paddle, spoon, or other stir-capable implement
  • Mug (grab a sturdy one)
  • Timer

Step 1

Place the plunger on the table with the rubber side up. Attach the chamber to the plunger just enough to get a snug fit.

Step 2

Pour hot water into the chamber to preheat, then discard.

Step 3

Measure out 17 grams of coffee and grind them to a medium coarse consistency, similar to kosher salt. If you are without a scale, one heaping AeroPress scoop should give you about 17 grams.

Step 4

Add coffee to the chamber and shake gently to even out the grounds bed.

Step 5

Add hot water to the 3 mark and allow the coffee to bloom for 20 seconds. Then give the mixture a few gentle stirs and add water to the top. Let steep for 90 seconds.

Step 6

While you wait, wet the filter with hot water and twist the cap onto the chamber. Careful not to burn your fingers!

Step 7

Place your coffee cup upside down on top and carefully invert. Plunge with even force. There should be some resistance here so it will take around 15-20 seconds.

Step 8